Things To Consider When Making Flooring Choices

Some of the main things you need to consider when choosing what flooring to use in your home include the use of the room, what comfort level is needed, how durable it needs to be and what is your budget.

Use of the Room

The first question to ask when considering flooring is what the room will be used for – and who will use it!  If the room is primarily for adults, then you can safely assume that there will not be too much spillage of food and drink on the floor!  You also need to consider what type of furniture will be in the room and what will be the traffic patterns when people walk through the room.

Comfort Level

There are different things to consider when making the choice of what flooring to put in what room. If only adults live in the house, then they are looking for walking comfort. If children live in the house, they are looking for crawling comfort! And, of course, if you are the chef of the house you are going to want to have more than a little input into what flooring goes down in the kitchen.  Ease of cleaning, comfort level when standing in front of the stove are also considerations when looking at kitchen flooring.


One of the first things to consider at in any given room is traffic patterns when looking at the durability factor of a potential flooring type. Hallways and doorways are the high traffic areas. Things to stay away from in these areas include soft wood floors and shag carpeting, as the high traffic volume will soon lead to indentations in the wood and matted pile in the carpet.  You

Look at the Numbers

The final thing to consider when looking at flooring is the impact on your budget. Decide what the total amount you can comfortably spend, look at comfort and durability. This should give you a few options to then choose from – and it is important to balance all three. There is no point in putting in a very cheap flooring that has no durability and you end up replacing it a year or two later!

Here at Sparkle Floors and Carpet we specialize in helping you identify the exact type of flooring that will be best for you and your family.  We look forward to seeing you at our showroom in Scotch Plains.  Stop by anytime or call us for a no-obligation quote on 908-464-2653.

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