Color Trends in Flooring

Floor covering designers are influenced by design leaders who, in turn, are influenced by popular trends showcased in places like New York Fashion Week, lifestyle magazines and media outlets.

On the color side, a strong trend that is emerging for 2018 is the use of grey in flooring.  This will become the new ‘classic’ and can be used for modern styles, especially Scandinavian and Minimalist interiors.  There are many different ways to utilize grey, from a dark charcoal vinyl faux wood to a pale ash-white engineered floor against a dark grey wall.

A new twist on grey for this year has been the emergence of a warmer-toned pallet of grey flooring, something that is now referred to at ‘greige’.  This is a color between grey and beige!  So, if you cannot choose, this makes for a great compromise.

However, dark flooring colors are still very popular, with a classy, dark espresso colored hardwood dominating.  The dark tones can bring up the contrast in a room when paired with light-colored shelving and furniture, making interiors look and feel very luxurious.  Dark wood flooring can act as an instant “upgrade” for an outdated space and give a room a more sleek and modern design.

If you cannot decide between dark and light, then you are in luck!  A new trend this year that has grown is the use of high variation wood flooring.  With this trend, various hues like walnut, expresso, honey and blonde are mixed together to create more visual interest within individual wood floor boards.  The end result means that there is much more visual interest throughout the floor and it provides a great backdrop to both contemporary and vintage styled spaces.

While color trends are making new strides this year, the other burning question is always “what should the finish be?”  While in the past a high gloss finish was very sought after, the trend this year is for a matte finish – both for a different look and because it is easier to maintain, making upkeep more of a breeze.

No matter what your color preferences are, you can come into Sparkle Floors and Carpet and see a wide variety of colors and types of flooring, from hardwood and vinyl to carpet and engineered wood.  Our showroom has a wide selection and our installers are the best!

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