Are you ready for a change? Let us upgrade your office or other commercial space flooring or carpet for that new look you need!

Several considerations go into what type of commercial flooring is most conducive to a given space. Property owners and business managers should not jump into a purchase without considering the following factors: the volume of traffic in the commercial space, potential maintenance necessary, and, of course, appearance.

While the above factors apply to most commercial industries, there are flooring needs specific to certain industries. So, how can you follow your industry’s flooring trends and still stand out? Floor Coverings International can help. Take a look at why vinyl plank is often selected in the fields of healthcare, hospitality, and multi-family property management. In the world of multi-family housing—think apartments, condos, studios—it’s important to have a flooring product that stands the test of time. Vinyl plank is both attractive and functional, producing a more modern and contemporary ambiance for multi-family tenants. Additionally, most luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, or at least water-resistant. Unlike hardwood that can warp or ceramic tile that can chip and break, vinyl planking is difficult to damage.

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