Tile & Grout Cleaning



Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your tile and grout looking clean and new. Tile and grout restoration professionals know the right cleansers, tools and methods to use on any type of tile surface and they remove the risk of your tile being ruined by a well-intentioned family member or friend.

One of the prime breeding grounds for black mold is in showers, both on the tile and the grout. Excess moisture can build up causing a toxic mold that must be removed before it affects the health of your family. We understand the hazards of working around these potentially toxic organisms and know which chemicals can thoroughly remove the mold and mildew without causing damage to your tile or grout.

While some grout lines can be cleaned with chemicals, it may be necessary to bring in the steam cleaning machine to really get down under the dirt and grime and remove it.

Our professionals know what to do to make your floors and walls Sparkle!