Hardwood Refinishing

Wood is a very durable floor material and often it is possible to simply refinish it instead of replacing it. At Sparkle Floors and Carpets we take pride in our work and our client service. We understand that we are working where you live and we take every precaution to not disturb you and your family.

All hardwood floors are susceptible to water damage, chips, dents, scratches, warping, and cracking. With today’s new products and techniques, we can bring your hardwood flooring back to its original state or better!

Our first step is to visit your home and assess your flooring to make sure that the wood floor is solid and determine if any repairs are necessary. Once we have established that, we can then talk with you about what type of finish you want your floors to have and timing of the job.

We have ‘dustless’ machines, so you can remain at home during the work if you choose. When we have completed the work, we clean and put everything back into place.