The Benefits of “Low-Pile” Carpet

Most aspects of life tend to have “trends” that come and go over time.  Given enough time, they often come back into fashion.  This is true for everything from the brand of fashionable handbags to the width of the bottom of pants – think bellbottoms.  And flooring is not much different: vinyl, tile, hardwood, etc. have all come in and out of vogue.

But carpet is the one flooring type that seems to never go out of style!  It has been one of the most popular forms of flooring on a near continuous basis since it was invented in 1791.  It is soft to walk on and comes in various colors, styles and colors.  It can add beauty and color continuity to a room and easily impress people in your home and business alike.  There are many types of carpets: deep pile, low pile, cut loop pile, woven etc.

Pile refers to the fabric loops of your carpeting—the soft surface that’s made carpet so popular and enduring. If a carpet is called “high pile,” it means the fibers are taller and looser.  Low pile carpeting, on the other hand, has shorter carpet fibers and tighter loops.  They style that has stayed in the highest demand over time and the focus of this article is the low pile variety.

The style that has continuously stayed in high demand and is the focus of this article is called “low-pile” carpet.  Some of the benefits of low pile are: easy maintenance, easier on indoor allergies and more “kid friendly” than high pile and other types of carpet.

Easy maintenance:

Low pile carpets have a smoother surface as compared other varieties and this leads to easier maintenance.  Your vacuum cleaner will be more effective and efficient as the short length of the fibers allow for less of a place of dirt and grime to hide.  The tight weave prevents from staining to occur as often.

Great for children’s bedrooms and playrooms:

Anyone with children will probably tell you that falls while “rough-housing” are bound to happen more often than not.  Harder surfaces such as wood and tile can lead to nasty bruises or worse.  Carpet along with a proper padding can soften your kid’s landings and the soft texture of low pile help to limit those painful “rug burns”.

At the end of the day, it’s all about use and personal taste when it comes to selecting the type of carpet for your needs.  Please come and visit our showroom at 451 Park Avenue in Scotch Plains and let our staff of flooring specialists answer all your questions!


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